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BMR Hybrid Sorghum Sudangrass

Sorghum x Sudangrass

(Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum Sudane)

  1. Significant Increase in Digestibility.

  2. Significant Increase in Palatability.

  3. Significant Increase in Efficiency.


Nutri+Plus is a Production-Plus Brown Midrib Sorghum x Sudangrass Hybrid with exceptional palatability and with the addition of a Production-Plus gene that has shown marked reductions of Lignin content in the plant. Lignin is the component of the plant cell walls that is generally regarded as the primary factor limiting the extent of forage fiber digestion. This totally new hybrid has shown an 18.9% average increase in feed value compared to conventionals and offers an additional $42.84 per acre based on feed at $60 per ton.


Nutri+Plus offers a premium summer annual hybrid with the agronomic characteristics you find in a conventional sorghum x sudangrass hybrid such as excellent hay quality, heavy pasturing, superior drought tolerance, and wide adaptability. PLUS+ the increased utilization and efficiency you get from the Production-Plus gene.


Disease/Insect/Nematode Ratings:
Downy Mildew:                                                                     MR
Agronomic Traits:
Early Seeding Vigor:                                                        Good
Growth Habit:                                  Heavy tillering & leafy
Recovery After Cutting:                                         Excellent
Days to normal harvest:                  55 to 65 days to boot
Uniformity:                                                                 Excellent
Plant Colour:                                                                    Purple
Midrib Type:                                                                     Brown
Stability:                                                                               Good
Planting Rates:
Bushel weight:                                                                56 Lbs.
Seeds per pound:                                                           16,000
Rate (Lbs.)             Dryland              Irrigated
Rows: 20-30"                               8-12                               12-16
Rows: 6-20"                               10-20                               20-30
Broadcast:                                  12-30                               40-60
Seeds/Sq. Ft.
Rows: 20-30"                                 3-4                                    4-6
Rows: 6-20"                                    4-8                                 7-11
Broadcast:                                    4-11                               15-22


Adaption Ratings:
Photosynthetic Type:                                 Warm Season
Soil Temperature:                                         Warm (60⁰ F)
Water Requirement:                                           Very Low
Crop Use Information:
Life Cycle:                                                                     Annual
Ease of Establishment:                                               Good
Shade Tolerance:                                                  Poor-Fair
Drought Stress:                                                      Excellent
Wet Soil:                                                                              Fair
Low pH Tolerance:                                               Moderate
Minimum pH:                                                                       6.0
Saline Soils (White Alkali):                                           Fair
Saline - Sodic Soils (Black Alkali):                   Poor-Fair
Hay:                                                                             Excellent
Continuous Grazing:                                            Excellent
Greenchop:                                                              Excellent
Covercrop:                                                               Excellent
Palatability:                                                             Excellent
Note: Not recommended for horses

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