2000 Blend Orchardgrass (Hay and Pasture)

Ideal for grazing or as a hay crop.

Orchardgrass 2000 Blend is a blend of improved late maturing Orchardgrass varieties - high yielding, winter hardy, resistant to leaf blights, good drought tolerance, quick recovery after cutting.

Orchardgrass 2000 Blend  is easy to establish and has excellent seedling vigour. Later maturing varieties means it's at its best when harvested for hay with early Alfalfa.

Orchardgrass 2000 Blend  is ideal when used in legume / Orchardgrass grazing mixtures. Because of its drought tolerance it remains tastier and more nutritious during summer dry spells. And when cattle consume equal amounts of Orchardgrass along with legumes, the danger of bloat is decreased.

Orchardgrass is very responsive to applications of nitrogen but the best way to cut your costs of nitrogen application is to seed Orchardgrass 2000 Blend along with well inoculated legumes. Then your Orchardgrass 2000 Blend will be a real producer.

  • A combination of two late maturing registered varieties
  • Orchardgrass 2000 Blend does not thicken up like most Orchardgrass because of the delayed heading

  • Retains feed value longer because of delay heading

  • Improves palatability of legumes, when harvested at proper maturing.


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