Courtenay/Kokanee Tall Fescue (Endophyte Free)

A high performance hay/pasture seed that can be seeded straight or in a mixture.

Courtenay\Kokanee Tall Fescue is a new dense tillering type of Tall Fescue. It's softer, semi-prostrate leaves contain a higher percentage of digestible dry matter and less structural tissue than does Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue. This characteristic makes Courtenay\Kokanee more attractive to cattle and therefore can improve live weight gains.

Courtenay\Kokanee's lax live leaves make it an ideal companion grass for use with Ladino, White, Red and other Clovers as well as Alfalfa. It will not out compete and crowd the legume. Courtenay\Kokanee - legume mixtures can increase total yield over that of either species seeded alone.

Courtenay\Kokanee  will not cause bloat and will reduce the possibility of bloat when planted with legumes. Courtenay\Kokanee is well adapted for use across the Tall Fescue belt. Its primary production occurs during Spring, Fall and Summer. Courtenay\Kokanee Tall Fescue's strong establishment and its ability to grow and persist under a wide range of conditions proves its adaptability. Of course, for best performance, establish Courtenay\Kokanee on fertile soils and manage for maximum production.

For Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep or Horses

Courtenay\Kokanee  contains 0 to low levels of endophyte! It is low in alkaloids. These factors make Courtenay\Kokanee a preferred variety for farmers requiring maximum animal performance and profitability.

Use  Courtenay\Kokanee for pasture, hay, or haylage with or without a legume. It can be stockpiled for winter grazing.


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