Forage Mixtures

Pasture Mix 200 Series for Dairy, Beef, Horse, Sheep, and/or Wildlife

Corland has two main pasture mixtures, Pasture Mixture 216 and Pasture Mixture 217 which are sold in Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States. Pasture Mixture 216 and Pasture Mixture 217 are combinations of three high quality grass species with a grazing type Alfalfa and/or White Clover. These three grasses will give your field the yield potential in wet, dry, and normal growing conditions.

Both pasture mixtures can be used for new seedings but only Pasture Mixture 216 can be successfully over seeded. Pasture Mixture 217 can also be harvested as hay crop because its contains sunken crown Alfalfa that yields with the best Alfalfas in the business and yet helps protect the plant from grazing. White Clover has the most available nitrogen which makes the grass side of Pasture Mix 216 and Pasture Mix 217 produce high quality feed.

Make sure you have a high stocking rate to keep ahead of the forage growth because livestock whether it's dairy, beef, horse, sheep, or wildlife like young succulent growth. The Two Key Ingredients to successful grazing are:

  1. Make sure each pasture has a minimum of a 30 day rest period, similar to hay fields

  2. Overgrazing - don't graze too short

Pasture Mixtures have many uses:


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