Forage Mixtures

Alfalfa/Grass Mixture 500 Series for Hay and Haylage

The 500 series consists of 10 different mixtures that can meet your Dairy, Beef, Horse, Sheep, and Wildlife livestock needs. Corland's Alfalfa/Grass Mixture 500 Series are combinations of Alfalfa with three different grasses. The Alfalfa content can vary from 85% to as low as 25% Alfalfa depending on the field conditions, feed quality, and animal use.

These three grasses give your field the yield potential in wet, dry, and normal growing conditions. Alfalfa/Grass Mixtures were developed to handle heavy clay, loam, and/or sandy soil by varying the ratio of Alfalfa to grass. The 500 Series has produced protein levels as high as 26% Crude Protein on a dry matter basis and a relative feed value of 196.

Your fertilizer program should be geared to the ratio of Alfalfa/Grass. Alfalfa is negatively affected by high levels of nitrogen so potassium and phosphate must be maintained at proper levels. Healthy Alfalfa produces nitrogen which is utilized by grasses. Call our office should you need further information on fertilizer recommendations.


Grass Mixture 524 - 70% Alfalfa, 30% Grass - Shelburne, ON.

Grass Mixture 524 - 70% Alfalfa, 30% Grass - Shelburne, ON.

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