Corporate Information

Corland Seeds Ltd. was established in May 1987 on our family farm in Union, Ontario, Canada. Our objective was to sell high quality forage and turfgrass seed through a trained Agent network encompassing Ontario. Two years later the head office was moved to Guelph, Ontario which made access to the U.S.A. marketplace easier. In 1990 our first forage mixtures went into Northern Michigan to a dairy farm in Harrisville. Today we market Forage and Turfgrass Seed in Eastern Canada in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Our U.S.A. seed business has grown to five major states including Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Our farming knowledge and field results have proven that combining top yielding multi-leaf alfalfa varieties with high quality grass species will produce the best quality hay and haylage feed for your animals. Our 500 Alfalfa/Grass Series consists of 10 different mixtures that can meet your Dairy, Beef, Horse, Sheep and Wildlife livestock needs. We have results from 1990 to date that will show consistent results year after year. Corland has two main pasture mixtures, Pasture Mixture 216 and Pasture Mixture 217 which are sold in Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States. Pasture Mixture 216 and Pasture Mixture 217 are combinations of three high quality grass species with a grazing type alfalfa and/or white clover. With improved quality grass species and legumes, pastures are now able to produce high protein and excellent regrowth even through the dry months of July and August.

Our complete line of turfgrass and lawn seed products can meet your needs in any of these areas: Landscaping, Sod Growing, Nurseries, Golf Courses, Quarries, Sports Fields, Park Areas, Roadway Mixes and Hardware Stores. We can provide you with new turf varieties and species that will improve your turf quality. Should you require a specialized mixture for your turfgrass need, we will blend this according to your specifications.

Corland Seeds Ltd. can supply you with quality seed at affordable prices and direct and timely delivery service.  E-mail us at or call 1-800-265-4321, so that we can further discuss how our products can be utilized for your needs.

We look forward to being of further service to you.


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